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Your Impact 

A Shine Dream is a customized opportunity, sparked by a young person with severe physical disabilities and fulfilled by our dedicated team and are as unique as the individual who dreams it. From adapted bicycles and accessible playground equipment to bedroom makeovers and technology requests, to hot pink racing chairs and becoming an RCMP Officer for the day. Shine lays the foundation for long-term change.

Much bigger than the sum of its parts, Shine Dreams can help young people think differently about their future, imagine new possibilities, and develop a sense of purpose that can last a lifetime. Since 1987, Shine Foundation has transformed the lives of over 1.1 million with over 8,800 Shine Dreams.

Shine alumni, medical professionals, families, and even communities are all impacted by our program. They tell us that these experiences are transformative and help them to gain confidence and see themselves differently as someone who can vs. someone who can’t.  

“For Erik, to have the Shine Foundation offer him something he wanted, open new doors, and present him opportunities that his parents couldn’t get for him, was incredibly powerful. It’s beautiful to know that there’s a community out there that felt he deserved it.”  —  Erik's Mom

"She's connecting and spending more time with her siblings because they enjoy the space and playing together or just sitting together. I can hear all of their laughs all of the time and I want them to stay down there and laugh forever. This is absolutely priceless." —  Rima Mohamed

“Thomas is just so happy when he is on his handcycle, and after when he returns. This has had a huge impact on his life and given him a new sense of independence.” — Rosemary, Thomas’s Mom

"Doctor's saved my life. Shine saved my soul!"
— Sarah Lashbrook