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georgia beauchemin

When Shine arrived at the local arena to celebrate Georgia’s Shine Experience six years ago, Georgia challenged the team to hop into a sled and experience the thrilling sport of para ice hockey. (Perhaps this helped inspire this tournament!)

Following her first game of the season, Shine granted Georgia her own custom sled that would allow her to take her hockey skills to next level and practice year-round with a wheel kit attachment for the summer. Her new sled has since helped her move and play the game better than ever.

While she is taking a break to concentrate on her studies, she hopes to formally return to the sport this coming winter once she completes her degree in disability studies. Georgia can’t wait to join a team this October at Come to Sleigh.



emma clemmer

Emma is the youngest of three other siblings and her older brother also lives with cerebral palsy. Her family is very busy ensuring that everyone gets the help they need with daily tasks and so with a large family with medical needs, the very thought of going away for a family vacation was a big deal.

Emma communicates using facial gestures and an iPad and shared that her ideal Shine Experience would be a family trip to see Mickey and Minnie in Disney. In July 2019, her Mickey dreams became a reality, and she continues to hold the magical memories of her family vacation close to her heart.

When Shine first met Emma five years ago, we learned that one of her passions was playing Sledge Hockey. She continues to grow her skills in the sport to this day and we look forward to having her join us on the ice for Come to Sleigh!